Front Entrance

Dear High Point Ranch Homeowners,


I am pleased to announce that after a long wait of over 5 years the Board will renovate the landscape at the two front entries. 

In 2013 the Board overhauled the entire irrigation system and converted it from an outdated solar based system to a more reliable low voltage system.  Also, half of the sprinkler heads were either malfunctioning or non-operational.  Those issues have all been fixed.    We also solved many major water leakage issues that were costing the HOA thousands of extra dollars in water bills. 

With those issues behind us it’s now time to renovate the front entry.  The 3-D concept drawings can be found on our website:  (see images below)

As you can tell from the drawings there are significant changes coming to the look and feel of the two front entries.  The one thing that we decided against that is still shown in the drawings is the crushed granite along-side the entrance.  After more research, we concluded that the maintenance was going to be too high and costly for that to be an option.  We will continue to look for a good alternative to help with the ruts in the landscape.  Also, the “Big Rocks” are not shown in the drawings but they will stay in place.

The front entry lights will also be replaced.  We are going with the same style of fixture that we have today but they will be brand new.  The ones we have today are end of life.  This will give us better lighting overall at the two front entries.  We will also be adding new AC outlets (total of 6) at each major wall so that we can hang Christmas lights.  All lights will be controlled via new photo cells. 


The project will begin in March and should conclude by the end of April.  We will start off with a demolition of the hedges.  The electrical contractor will then come in and install the light fixtures, AC outlets and photo sensors.  Then the landscaper will spend the next 2-3 weeks completing the project.     


After gathering several bids we have chosen Down2Earth for the landscaping project.  They maintained our landscape in 2013 and did an amazing job.  They know our landscape and irrigation very well and we are confident that their work will be impressive.  Debbie Lee from Down2Earth also lives in High Point Ranch so she has a vested interest in making this place look great!

The landscape lights will be handled by Kevin and his crew from Rockwall Electric.  They have helped us with many of our electrical problems over the last 10 years.  Kevin provided very valuable consulting on what would be the best fixtures to properly light up our entry.


The total project for landscape lights, new outlets, front entry landscaping and sprinkler adjustments come out to just under $38k.  This is a major overhaul that we are about to undergo and the pricing was right.  We had also spent 2013 saving up cash for this project and we are using money budgeted specifically for this project plus left over cash from last year. 

In summary, we are about to vastly improve the drive-up appeal of High Point Ranch.  We will have a place to live that is attractive and we can be proud of when family or friends visit.  This is your hard earned money at work so I know everyone will take ownership and be proud of watching it be put to good use. 

Also, with the housing market improving and more communities around us being built-out we hope to capture some of that momentum to help us build-out High Point Ranch.  More homes in High Point Ranch means lower supply of lots, higher lot values, higher home values and better neighborhood watch for increased security. 


Best Regards,

Alex Flores

HOA President

This is the old entrance.

These are the drawings from the landscape architect.

This is the new fluorescent light fixture.

This is the entrance now - great job!!!